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Methode Vitaliante

Dermo Trichology : Debonhair

Do you have hair loss problems? Is your scalp dry or oily? Do you suffer with dandruff? Is your hair brittle or fragile? Is your fine and won't hold its style for long?

If you have answered 'yes' to one or more of the above questions we ask that you read this website and let us help you.

Through many years of hairdressing experience we were often frustrated at not being able to fully help many clients who suffer from different hair and scalp conditions & hair loss. Through extensive research we have discovered a method to do this called 'La Biosthetique' impressed by their natural approach of using organic essential oils and natural protein, and encouraged by the vast amount of successful case studies we felt we had found the ideal solution to progress into this field and become trained dermo-trichologist. We are also members of the British biosthetic society MBBS MSFB (microscopy)

Healthy Scalp

A well functioning scalp is essential for beautiful healty hair, it is vital that the first step focuses on the condition of the scalp. The carefully balanced ingredients of the high peformance products focus on the phases of the hairs development to strengthen and support the natural life cycle, while balancing out deficiencies within the hair bulb.

About Bisosthetics or La Biosthetique

Although essential oils from plants and flowers have been used for generations, they have only fairly recently been recognised for the successful treatment of skin, hair and scalp disorders. The biosthetician will determine the underlying cause of the disorder and be able to treat the problem accordingly, conditions such as an irritated scalp, sensitive scalp, dandruff, greasy scalp, dry scalp and dermatitis can be reduced often cleared and then controlled. There are also preparations that can improve breakage of the hair/split ends, damaged hair, genetically fine hair or hair of poor quality.

All La Biosthetique product range are subject to continual tetsing at a leading European university skin clinc in accordance with the most stringent dermatological criteria and are renowned for their excellent skin tolerability. Following a detailed scalp and hair analysis you will be advised which La Biosthetique preparation would be the most appropriate for your individual scalp hair type.

Hair loss/thinning/alopecia

Most of the preparations /drugs available for these problems stimulate or add nutrients to the hair, while this is important the scalp is a complex organ and there are many other very important reasons and considerations to why we lose our hair. LA Biosthetique has a unique and clinically proven natural treatment that can in many cases correct and maintain the underlying cause of hair loss, prior to treating the hair loss itself. Following the launch of a new hair loss programme it is now possible to treat genetic hair loss. All the preparations are suitable for men, women and children and there are no known side effects. It is recommended that you visit your G.P before consulting Jane or Chris to rule out any possible medical disorders.


This will consist of a detailed case history and examination of the hair loss and scalp. In cases of hair loss/thinning an examination of the hair under a microscope will be carried out to help determine the reason for the condition and subsequent treatment will be advised.

A personalised treatment will be designed for use at home, but there will be no obligation for this to be followed through.


Microscopy is used with a polarised light that has been adapted to give an accurate diagnostic method for trichoanalysis. This examination gives us essential information about the structure of the hair and any deficiencies such as a lack of specific minerals etc.

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